We'll Get You All Setup in Your New Place

Our movers in San Antonio, TX handle furniture reassembly with ease

Taking all your furniture apart and putting it all back together takes a lot of time, patience and organization. Thankfully, you can leave tedious furniture disassembly and furniture reassembly to Getting it Done Right Movers. Many of our customers in San Antonio, TX add furniture assembly services onto their moving and packing services because it makes the process quick and seamless.

We'll take care to make sure your belongings are handled with care. Reach out to us today for details about our furniture disassembly and furniture reassembly process.

Don't skip furniture disassembly

A lot of first-time movers ask whether they can just load up their furniture without disassembling it all first. From our experience, it's essential to disassemble your furniture before moving because it'll...

  • Reduce the risk of damage during travel
  • Allow you to fit more into the truck
  • Make it easier to carry large or heavy items

If you think you'll need professional furniture disassembly and furniture assembly services to make your upcoming move easier, call 210-209-5400 today.